Group Therapy vs. Individual Therapy: Which is Better?

Dec 18, 2023 | Mental Health Therapy

Group therapy vs. individual therapy efficacy is largely dependent upon personal preference. This is due to the fact everybody responds differently to different kinds of treatment. This is especially the case for people who opt for group therapy vs individual therapy. Knowing the ins and outs of what both provide will help you decide the most effective treatment program for you. Rest assured, a trained treatment assessment specialist will help place you in the following therapy programs that fit your needs and personality.

What is Group Therapy?

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Group therapy, a form of psychotherapy, is a more socially applicable environment that helps treat multiple individuals simultaneously. Several people with mental health conditions come together for a common goal of mental health management.

Meeting like-minded individuals in group therapy helps people heal by utilizing a strong support system to promote accountability in recovery. It also forms the strong personal bonds necessary for mental health symptom management. You can find your path to healing by enrolling in our group therapy programs today.

What is Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy is a more private-based therapy that enables treatment specialists to work one-on-one with a patient. This allows the patient to receive extended care and individual attention that may not otherwise be available. Getting to know the patient on the personal level afforded by individual therapy enables therapists to chart a meticulous individualized treatment path. This ensures treatment is done at your pace and your comfort level, without any external distractions.

What are the Benefits of Group Therapy?

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The benefits of group therapy vs individual therapy also differ on a number of levels. The following details how group therapy benefits patients in a different way than individual treatment.

Strength in Numbers
As alluded to earlier, group therapy reinforces a strong support backbone to encourage recovery for mental health. This is achieved by the collective support of our compassionate treatment in conjunction with the people you meet in group therapy sessions. Together we can rise above feelings of stress and depression, and manage other mental health symptoms.
Eliminating Loneliness
Perhaps the most important aspect of group therapy is gaining the understanding that you’re not alone. That’s exactly what the company of other individuals with similar struggles does for helping your mental restoration. In turn, eliminating loneliness serves a dual-fold purpose in helping you manage mental health conditions while promoting recovery.
Social Confidence
Low-key group therapy sessions with a high focus on recovery and mental health wellness help you discover your self-confidence. Especially when performed in a social setting, you’ll find the confidence to speak up about your struggles. Most importantly, you’ll find the self-confidence to be more outgoing in other similar social environments. This newfound sense of confidence has positive trickle-down effects on your mood and daily life.
Though sharing your struggles is an important aspect of group therapy, perhaps even more important is listening to diverse perspectives. Hearing others share their conditions and unique struggles helps broaden your thought processes. That is to say, it helps you be more open-minded and sympathetic towards other people’s struggles. This also helps supply your thoughts with more proactive ideas and methods to overcome your struggles.

What are the Benefits of Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy has equally healing properties in very different ways than group therapy sessions. Most of which are centered around the more individualized attentiveness afforded by our therapy specialists. Bearing that to heart, here are the unique benefits of individual therapy.

Communication Skill Development
Some people find it more difficult to express themselves than others, especially in social settings. That’s why one-on-one treatment from a trained professional is much more efficient as opposed to group therapy. Individual therapy allows doctors to train you to properly vent and express your thoughts and emotions. This includes acting out your emotions in a way that doesn’t lead to relapse or exacerbate mental health condition symptoms.
Personal Confidence
The same way group therapy provides social confidence for some is the same way individual therapy instills self-confidence for others. Sometimes it takes one-on-one coaching to instill self-confidence in a way that group therapy either hinders or cannot. Let Lightwork Therapy & Recovery help you find your voice and empower you to rise above mental health challenges.
Coping and Stress Management Skills
We all need help learning to manage stress and cope with unexpected life occurrences. The best way to do that is through the medically-established coaching methods, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. We teach you how to respond proactively mentally and physically to life’s trials in a way that helps you maintain your joy.
Confidential Sessions
Many people understandably prefer to be more private about their struggles. Our therapy sessions ensure the utmost patient/therapist confidentiality to respect your privacy. We understand personal confidentiality is the best way for many to gradually become confident and comfortable in their skin.

How is Group Therapy Different From Individual Therapy?

Group therapy vs individual therapy approaches are very different in setting and nature, therefore having unique benefits. For starters, group therapy is a very open approach to expressing your struggles. Individual therapy, on the other hand, is a confidential approach handled behind closed doors. This is why it is important to find treatment methods that best suit you as some are more open in enclosed settings.

Start the Healing Process with Lightwork Therapy & Recovery

We all need a helping hand to overcome the struggles life throws our way. Lightwork Therapy & Recovery is that open door eager to be there for you every step of the way. Begin your journey of healing and enlightenment by reaching out to our caring receptionist team now. A better quality of life awaits you in one of our individualized treatment programs.

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